Despite the fact that Earth is mostly filled by oceans, the world below the surface is still such a mystery to us.  And it is in grave danger - reefs and marine life are disappearing at an alarming pace.  Plastic pollution is threatening our ocean at all levels.  My hope is that by sharing and showing some of the beauty that the ocean has to offer, I can encourage others to help save marine life and protect these delicate, vital and beautiful ecosystems.  Photography has never been my career but has been a long-time passion, almost as long as my love for the ocean.

It is through this love for the oceans that I was moved to create a company to make sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics (it started with the best coffee lid and cup available and has evolved quite a bit).  With a goal of reversing this devastating damage to our oceans, the company is called NAECO - literally, the word "OCEAN" backwards.  Check out getNAECO.com, and please tell your favorite coffee shop, cafeteria, school or restaurant that when they have to use disposables, they should be using compostable products if they can compost them, or none at all if they can't.  If you are looking for a great reusable bottle, tumbler, straw (and more to come) please check us out.

Our oceans need help.  To get involved, check out the following organizations that inspire me:

// To license images or purchase prints, please contact info@billlevey.com.  To follow on IG: @billlevey / @naeco.

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